Tips and Tricks

Every now and then, we use cleaning techniques from days past. They have been proven to get the job done but may not be the most widely known. So, we’ll post them here! They may not all be about laundry.

  • Gum stuck in your carpet? Fill a sandwich bag with ice and place it on top of the gum. Once the gum freezes, it can be simply lifted from the carpet!
  • Run out of laundry stain remover? Saturate the stain with dish detergent. Let it sit for a while before washing!
  • Cat needs to lose weight? Instead of treats, give them canned/packed tuna or salmon!
  • Lose a button all of a sudden? Use a safety pin to secure it temporarily.
  • No access to a dryer for that hand-washed garment? Use a blow dryer!